FIONA CROS - office manager of Dr Carles

Fiona Cros

Office manager

Fiona joined the team in October 2022 and became Dr. Carles' office manager.

Organized and attentive, she will be your main interlocutor for your appointments, organize the intervention and the operational follow-up.

She takes care of the overall administrative care as well as the management of medical records.

Fiona, who recently became medical secretary, draws her rigor from her second job as a choreographer and contemporary dance teacher.

LISE SUFFIT - Specialist nurse of Dr. Carles

Lise Suffit

Nurse & right arm

A specialized nurse, Lise has become Dr. Carles' right-hand man in the operating room since November 2021.

In addition to helping Dr. Carles during the operation, she ensures the reception and care of patients until she is released to the recovery room.

It also ensures sterilization protocols and verifies the instrumentation and proper monitoring of hygiene protocols.

Lise has all the essential talents for this function: great rigor, precision, humor and kindness towards patients.

Lise shares her activity with her function as an advisor for a surgical prosthesis laboratory.

You will meet her in the operating room when you fall asleep and sometimes during dressings.