Here are the usual prices for the procedures performed by Dr. Carles (surgery + anesthesia + clinic fees).

The exact price is specified during the consultation depending on the case, the importance of the work to be carried out and the type of anesthesia.
A precise detailed quote is always given before each intervention.

  • Primary rhinoplasty:

    from 6400€

  • Revision rhinoplasty:

    from 7600€

  • Medical rhinoplasty:

    460 € per syringe

  • Septoplasty:

    from 950€

  • Otoplasties:

    from 700€ to 1800€ (depending on age and anesthesia)


between €55 and €100

between €80 and €100

Aesthetic medicine

Hyaluronic acid: €350 per syringe

Please note, Dr. Carles only performs injections in the nose.

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