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    Dr Guillaume CARLES


Guillaume Carles - rhinoplastic surgeon


Graduated in ENT and facial plastic surgery, Dr. Carles is a past Intern of the Paris Hospitals, Fellow of Plastic Surgery, teacher at the Paris V, VI and Lyon HCL faculties of Medicine, accredited by the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS).

With a dual ENT and plastic surgery training, Dr. Carles is specialized in rhinoplasty and nasal reconstruction.

Passionated and concerned about teaching, Dr. Carles trains surgeons from all over the world through the annual congress he organizes and through many conferences. Accredited by the EAFPS International Fellowship Training Program, he has received more than 120 European and North American surgeons.

Very active in the specialty, Dr. Carles has created surgical instruments to facilitate the realization of most difficult rhinoplasties, currently distributed worldwide.


Dr. Carles uses the techniques of "preservation rhinoplasty" and "ultrasonic rhinoplasty".

These techniques are focused on the preservation of the anatomy of the nose: preservation of ligaments, cartilage and the native shape of the nose. The use of ultrasound makes it possible to perform a highly accurate rhinoplasty, and to reduce post-operative edema.

These methods make it possible to obtain very natural results, of great finesse. The "Push - down" technique removes small humps while maintaining the natural shape of the nasal dorsum.

If the tissues are damaged by a previous procedure, a reconstruction will be necessary, involving the addition of cartilage grafts, an intervention called "secondary rhinoplasty".

This type of very delicate operation requires to be carried out in a specialized center, with a team trained in the realization of cartilage grafts.



Rhinoplasty is offered to patients with nasal deformation and/or an aesthetic feature.
This intervention is called "primary" if it is a first intervention and otherwise, is called "secondary".
You will find here on this site more information about these interventions.

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Secondary rhinoplasty is a surgical technique that allows to modify the nose of a person who has already undergone primary rhinoplasty.
It can be proposed to correct the unsatisfactory results of a rhinoplasty. It can also be used to improve already satisfactory results.

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A rhinoplasty is called “medical” when the desired modification is obtained using injections of fillers, most often hyaluronic acid.
This product corrects hollows, bumps or slight deviations, and will slowly resorb. The disappearance is highly variable depending on the patient and can last from 6 months to several years.
The injection is contraindicated in case of autoimmune disease, pregnancy or allergy to hyaluronic acid.

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A septoplasty is offered to patients with nasal obstruction related to a deviation of the septum of the nose.
The deviation comes either from a growth anomaly or from the result of an accident.

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Dr. Carles takes care of patients from all over France. Consultations take place in Montpellier and occasionally in Paris.
Operations take place in Montpellier with a follow-up that can be carried out by teleconsultation.

Having surgery in Montpellier?

Dr. Carles' entire team is specialized in rhinoplasty. From secretaries to block nurses, from anaesthetists to post-operative room nurses, you will find a team trained in rhinoplasty techniques and complex cartilage grafts, in a caring atmosphere.

We regularly receive patients from all Europe. As part of long trips we will help you optimize your trips.