Rhinoplasty teleconsultation

Aesthetic and reconstructive nose surgery

You cannot go to a first appointment in Paris or Montpellier?

It's very simple, Dr Carles offers you a teleconsultation appointment.

How to make an appointment for a teleconsultation?

you can :

Please note, for any teleconsultation, it is necessary to send us your photos before the appointment.
If no slot is available, please contact the secretary directly.
In certain countries,  the doctolib teleconsultation module does not work. We will offer you a consultation by Skype.

Recommendations for teleconsultation

  • It is imperative to be in a quiet place.
  • Your internet connection must be optimal.
  • Check that you have sent your photos beforehand.

Like any surgical project, do not hesitate to be accompanied by a loved one during the consultation. 
Remember to bring your medical file with scanners and old accounts operative resultsif you have already had surgery.

Dr Carles will listen to your project and in certain cases will propose a "morphing".

Please note, in certain cases of secondary rhinoplasty, it is possible that a new intervention will not be is not possible.
Indeed, the benefit / risk balance is not always in favor of surgical revision.

Once the project is specified, a second physical surgical consultation is necessary.
The anesthesia consultation can, however, be carried out online.