Rhinoplasty in Montpellier

Dr Guillaume Carles | Rhinoplastician


The consultation premises are located within the Institute of Aesthetic Surgery of Montpellier: 33 boulevard Sarrail, Montpellier (place de la Comédie).

This consultation is exclusively dedicated to restorative and aesthetic surgery of the nose and ears.
Dr. Carles does not take care of ENT pathologies, apart from nasal obstruction.

Location of the rhinoplasty center in Montpellier

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Appointments can be made on Doctolib by clicking here or by contacting the secretary at secretariatcarles@gmail.com, or by phone at 04 11 93 27 21.

For a quick appointment, last-minute slots are frequently available on Monday mornings.
Do not hesitate to go to Doctolib.

Means of transport

Montpellier Saint Roch station (10 minutes walk)

Montpellier Mediterranean Airport (20 minutes by taxi)

Béziers and Nimes Airport (45 minutes by taxi)


Parking Comedy - esplanade (5 minutes walk)

Practical Information

2nd floor without elevator, paid parking


Like any surgical project, it is important to come accompanied by a loved one during the consultation.

Don't forget to bring your medical file with scanners and old operating reports if you have already had surgery.

Dr. Guillaume Carles will take stock of your expectations and then examine you.

A computer modeling of rhinoplasty by "morphing" may be offered to you.
 This will allow you to expose your wishes and get an idea of what is possible to do.

This is of course not a contractual document, but rather a support for an open discussion.

Be careful, in some cases of revision rhinoplasty, it is possible that a new intervention is not possible. Indeed, the benefit/risk balance is not always in favor of a surgical resumption.

Once the project is specified, a second surgical consultation is often necessary, as well as an anesthesia consultation.


Dr. Carles operates in Montpellier at the Clémentville and Saint Roch hospitals.
The rhinoplasty procedure is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis (outing in the evening) or during a brief hospitalization (outgoing out the next day).
Depending on the case, the first will be hidden in the nose (« closed approach » ) or at a small scar at the base of the nose (« open « approach »).
It is usual to place a slight resin splint on the back of the nose and thin silicon splints in the nostrils, for 5 to 7 days.


The objective of the procedure is to correct the shape of the nose, obtaining a natural result and in harmony with the rest of the face, while taking into account the nasal structure.

Dr. Carles uses modern techniques called "preservative rhinoplasty" to reconstruct the normal anatomy of the nose as much as possible and to avoid the "surgical look" that can appear years after the procedure.


It is not necessary to place tampons. Thus, it is possible to breathe the days following the procedure.
As a rule, edema causes moderate obstruction, like a cold.
The stitches placed in the nostrils and at the columella are generally self-absorbable. Pain related is usually mild.
Edema and bruises are very variable. It is necessary to allow 2 to 3 weeks before returning to work.

There is usually no longer an external trace of surgery at 3 weeks, even if the result is not yet final. The result of rhinoplasty is quickly visible but it is only definitive from one year in the case of primary rhinoplasty, two years in the case of revision rhinoplasty.


Since 2016, Dr. Carles has been equipped with the rhinosculpture or ultrasonic rhinoplasty system.
This system using ultrasound ("piezosurgery") improves the finesse of aesthetic results and reduces post-operative edema.


Dr. Carles takes care of patients who have already undergone rhinoplasty surgery. This corresponds to 50% of its activity.

If you wish to make an appointment for a secondary rhinoplasty, it is important to wait one year after the previous operation to come for a consultation.
Attention, for technical reasons and risks of healing, some patients will not be able to benefit from a surgical resumption.

For an opinion before a consultation, you can fill out the pre-operative evaluation form below.

Evaluation form