Rhinoplasty in Montpellier

Aesthetic and reconstructive nose surgery

Do you live in Montpellier or the region?

Doctor Carles offers consultations for rhinoplasty in the center of Montpellier. 


Make an appointment for a rhinoplasty in Montpellier

Like any surgical project, it is important to come accompanied by a relative during the consultation.
Don't forget to bring your medical file with scans and old operating reports if you have already had surgery.

Dr Guillaume Carles will listen to your expectations and then examine you. A computer modeling of rhinoplasty by “morphing” may be offered to you.
This will allow you to explain your wishes and get an idea of ​​what is possible. This is of course not a contractual document, but rather a support for an open discussion.

Please note, in certain cases of revision rhinoplasty, it is possible that a further intervention is not possible. Indeed, the benefit / risk balance is not always in favor of surgical revision.

The anesthesia consultation, mandatory before the operation, can be carried out via teleconsultation.

The operations take place in Montpellier in the clinics Clémentville or Saint-Roch.

If you wish to make an appointment for a revision rhinoplasty, it is important to wait one year after the previous operation to come for a consultation. Be careful, for technical and risk reasons healing, some patients will not be able to benefit from surgical revision.

For an opinion before a consultation, you can complete the pre-operative assessment form below.

Evaluation form

The office

The consultation office is located within the Institute of Cosmetic Surgery of Montpellier: 33 boulevard Sarrail, Montpellier (place de la Comédie).

This consultation is exclusively dedicated to reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the nose and ears.
Dr Carles does not treat ENT pathologies, apart from nasal obstruction.

Locate the cabinet

Means of transport

  • Montpellier Saint Roch train station (10 minutes on foot)
  • Montpellier Sud de France station (20 minutes by taxi or 40 minutes by bus + tram)
  • Montpellier Méditerranée Airport (20 minutes by taxi)
  • Beziers and Nimes airport (50 minutes by taxi)
  • Marseille International Airport (1h50 by taxi or shuttle)


Comédie car park - esplanade (5 minutes on foot)


2nd floor without elevator, paid parking