Chronic sinusitis


Chronic sinusitis is a chronic inflammation of the lining of the nose and sinuses. It is common to have the following signs: stuffy nose, loss of smell ( anosmia ) , running nose, headache, sneezing. Chronic sinusitis are called «  localized » or « diffuse »



Localized sinusitis are related to the presence of an infectious cause (often dental ) or related to abnormal sinus drainage. An ENT consultation is essential in this case. After treatment of a possible source of infection, surgical intervention is usualy necessary.

Sinusite chronique dentaire

Dental chronic sinusitis 

Sinusite chronique aspergillaire

Fungal chronic sinusitis



Diffuse sinusitis is caused by a pathology of all of the nasal and sinusal mucosa. The most common cause is called ” sinonasal polyposis”.  This disease is marked by the predominance of loss of smell and is often associated with asthma and aspirin intolerance, called ” Widal syndrome .”

The nasal polyposis is a benign disease of unknown origin, which can be invalidating. The basic treatment is the combination of saline nasal washing and local application of cortisone, and for at least 3 months. Intervention is only available if the gene significantly, while a local treatment has been followed and especially if asthma is associated. This operation corresponds to removal of polyps and a main sinus opening , allowing a better postoperatively diffusion of local treatment. It is absolutely essential to continue the topical treatment a long time after surgery to decrease the risk of polyps recurrence.



Diffuse purulent chronic sinusitis are linked to chronic sinus infection and are marked by a extended purulent discharge. Smell is often preserved in this case. The treatment is usualy medical and surgery is rarely proposed.