Welcome in the personal website of Dr Guillaume Carles MD, ENT, Head and Neck surgeon.

Graduated in ENT, head and neck surgery and in facial plastic surgery, Dr Guillaume Carles is a past Intern and Chief of Clinic in Paris Hospitals, teacher in Paris VI and XI medical universities.

Dr Carles is specialized in nose, sinus, neck and in facial plastic surgery.
You will find in this website informations about the different procedures. 

Consultation and operating rooms are placed in the Causse Ear Clinic, clinic specialized in ENT surgery, close from Béziers in the south of France.

You can join us by phone at + 33 4 30 17 39 29, or by the contact form.

We regularly manage patients who are not living in the south of France. Many accommodation options are available near the clinic if you want to stay in the area, especially during the postoperative period. It is possible to organize an intervention to limit your go and return. You can send information about your request and your pictures via our contact form.