Prominent ears – otoplasty


Corrective surgery of prominent ears is called otoplasty .

Otoplasty is proposed to children from the moment a request is clearly stated on their part, which is generally the case at 7 years old.

Ear surgery is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient for about 35 minutes per side. The incision is made behind the ear. The cartilage is weakened, then folded with stiches. The skin is sutured mostly using absorbable stiches, thus not requiring removal . Otoplasty is usualy painless.

The dressing is removed after 48 hours, and the ears are left in the open air . The ears may be swollen and bluish for ten days. It is required to wear a soft compression bandage for 15 nights, and avoid sports with a risk of contact for 1-3 months.


The earlobe reduction, called “earlobe lifting”, is proposed when the earlobe is two big.
This procedure can be performed within local anesthesia.